Cooking Tree 쿠킹트리 is a South Korean YouTube channel specialized in making various desert. Channel is famous for merging unintentional ASMR sounds and closeup shots of attractive look of non-baked deserts.

Nothing is known about Cooking Tree channel owner except that sometime in 2017 it become member of Naver Corporation, Korean content and media company.

There is a saying “Cake is first eaten by eyes, then with mouth” and it is literally what Cooking Tree channel is about. Their deserts are made from fruits and creams, shaped by molds into attractive combination of colors and forms.

Channel is created back in 2015 and since then it become one of the most popular South Korean food related channels. Currently it has almost 4.62 million subscribers.


Cooking Tree channel never mentioned specific equipment they use, neither did they made “tour” video. However, in most of the comments they roughly specify what utensils and mold size they used for the given cake. Most of their molds are bought in some local South Korean shops, so we are listing here closest alternatives and most similar stuff used in their videos.


Since no specific mold brand in their video is specified, we made compilation of Cooking Tree styled molds.

Among all we found Fat Daddio’s are the best ones. All of their molds are made of high quality stainless steel and best off all they come in all sizes especially rare 3″ (7.6 cm) depth and width anywhere between 2″ and 10″ (5 and 25 cm).

Some other cheaper alternatives are bellow, but these have lesser choice of sizes and are of somewhat lower quality but still good enough.

“Cooking Tree” also uses molds in different shapes such as these:

Some of the channel molds are having removable bottom or you can change width of mold dynamically.



In her videos we can cutters in all kind of shapes. People say that Ultra Cuisine round cutter set is exceptional and very good.


Pots and Pans

Cooking Tree uses few models of Eva Trio series pots. For European styled pancakes used in certain cakes she uses GreenLife square non-stick pan.


In most of the videos we can see that “Cooking Tree” uses ceramic knife. But in few videos we can see stainless steel knife which we think it’s one of the F. Dick knives models (which is German brand of quite good knives, mostly popular in Europe).


Cooking Tree uses LG Duos Lightwave microwave and unknown model of Luxel mixer. Both models are available only on Asian market.

Camera and Lenses

We don’t know what model of camera and lens is used by Cooking Tree channel.


We don’t know what microphone does Cooking Tree channel use, but we are guessing that it’s Rode Video Mic Pro + microphone.

Income and Net Worth

If we don’t count direct advertising deals and sponsorships, we estimate that Cooking Tree earn about $8k per month from YouTube ads. Social Blade web site estimate that their income is anywhere between $2.1K and $33K monthly.

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