Gibi ASMR is an American ASMR artist, Youtuber, Twitch streamer and a hobby cosplayer.


From her video clips you can find much about her equipment and gear. If you don’t have much time to check all of her videos for setup, we are bringing here complete list of the gear we found in her videos.

Be ready to be impressed how her excellent results are gotten by rather cheap and average microphones and cameras.


First microphone she used was standard Blue Yeti microphone mounted to the Rode Extendable Arm. When her channel went up with popularity, she moved to the binaural setup with two RODE NT1 mics.

In October 2018 she got one of the best mics available for ASMR audios, the famous 3Dio FS Pro II MIC.


Couple of headphones can be seen in her videos. In most of those she uses Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones.

Camera and Tripod

She uses now outdated Canon Camera. Model is Canon EOS Rebel T4i with kit 18-55 mm EF-S IS II lens. During her first hundreds of videos she didn’t had tripod. She used to stack dozens of books and boxes and then place camera on it. Later on, she got Sunpak 4200XL Tabletop Tripod.

You can’t find neither of these new anymore and price for used is around $300 for camera and $20 for tripod on eBay.


She uses Fancierstudio 2000 Watt Lighting Kit with 10’x12′ Chromakey Green Screen. Its cheap and reliable kit you can find on Amazon.


She uses laptop for recording but it is unknown which brand and model.


She uses Quick Time to record, Adobe Premiere PRO CC for editing and in certain cases Adobe After Effects suite. It is worth to know that recent videos of her, are edited by her assistant.

Earnings / Net Worth

Gibi never published anywhere how much does she earn from YouTube, however our estimation when compared with ASMR who disclosed their earnings is that she gets $20.134 monthly just from YouTube.

Social Blade site estimates that she earns anywhere between $6.3K and $100.7K monthly. In this number are not included direct marketing deals and sponsorships she might have.


Gibi ASMR is an American ASMR artist, Youtuber, Twitch streamer and a hobby cosplayer. She was born on December 19, 1994 somewhere in state of New York and currently is residing somewhere in Midwest. She has boyfriend named Bear and an older brother.

She became famous with her ASMR videos back in 2016. Currently she has 2.22 million of subscribers. Not much information is known about her.

Career as ASMR artist

Gibi studied Marketing and Media at Chicago University, and during her studies she did all kind of work as a freelancer.

She used to listen and like ASMR sounds and videos for quite some time before deciding to try recoding these by herself. She claims these sounds were very helpful with her sleeping issue.

After initial recording she becomes fan favorite and she manage to get insane number of subscribers quite fast. After initial ASMR success she also began streaming video games on Twitch.

In one Reddit interview she said her AMSR influences were: ASMRrequests, Heather Feather, VisualSounds1, so if you are into here, these are worth checking too.

Over time she specialized in the following ASMR categories: ASMR roleplaying, ASMR cosplaying and whispering ASMR.

She also enjoys cosplay and her favorite characters are Female Ganondorf, Male Viktor and Mercy.

Social profiles

Youtube:  Gibi ASMR @ YouTube
Facebook: Gibi ASMR @ FaceBook
Twitter: Gibi ASMR @ Twitter
Twitch: Gibi ASMR @ Twitch
Instagram: Gibi ASMR @ Instagram