Erin Timony is an American YouTuber, make-up and ASMR artist from San Diego, California. She is also known under her channel aliases “Goodnight Moon” and “FreshBlush”.


She began her YouTube career with an old laptop and integrated web camera. Over time as she rose to the YouTube star status her equipment got better. However, it is big surprise that she only got basic gear she needed. Her setup currently is very simple, much simpler than what most of the other ASMRtists have.


For filming, Goodnight Moon uses Canon Rebel T5i camera with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens.


She improvised some of her lighting setup.  Beside the DIY lights, Erin has 2x Neewer 500 LED photo studio lighting panels from Amazon.


Contrary to expectations, Erin only have one microphone: BE-P1 from Binaural Enthusiasts connected to a relatively cheap but very good Zoom H1 recorder with built-in condenser microphone.

Computer / Laptop

Her computer / laptop specs are unknown and she never mentioned those in any of the videos.


Contrary to the equipment, Erin uses large number of props and make-up in her videos. However, as we are not experts in those fields, we can’t comment those.

Her videos in the beginning were taking 1-2 days of planning, 1 day of buying props at Michaels, 1 day of filming and couple of hours for montage. Over time her videos become even more complicated and more time intensive.

Net Worth and Income

We estimate that Erin Timony earns somewhere around $3800 monthly from YouTube, however her total net worth is unknown.

SocialBlade web site is also guessing similar numbers. They estimate that she earns anywhere between $959 and $15.4K per month.


Erin Timony is an American YouTuber, make-up and ASMR artist from San Diego, California. She is also known under her channel aliases “Goodnight Moon” and “FreshBlush”.

Erin was born on August 5, 1997 in San Diego, US, and has Irish background. She went to local high school, which she managed to finish one year earlier, after which she continued to local college.

She started her video career in 2010 as a teenager, by uploading makeup tutorials to her “FreshBlush” channel. Erin became hugely popular gaining there over 250.000 subscribers. Unfortunately, in 2017 she deleted all of her videos. People speculated that she was receiving harassing messages or threats, but Erin never confirmed that. Real reason behind deletion of “FreshBlush” channel videos is still unknown.

In 2014 she merged couple of her hobbies – makeup, cosplay and ASMR into one, thus her channel “Goodnight Moon” was born. She quickly gained massive follower base, which in current moment counts almost 515.000 subscribers.

On her channel “Goodnight Moon”, Erin does ASMR quite differently from other artists, she does the fantasy combined with role playing. Her “Babblebrook” series is complete fictional universe called “Babblebrook World” and she narrates stories from it.

Erin was one of the six finalists of 4th season of NYX FACE awards back in 2015.

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