Ann Reardon aka How To Cook That

“How To Cook That” is a YouTube channel by Ann Reardon, an Australian food and cooking vlogger. She was born on August 16, 1975 in Melbourne, Australia but she currently resides in Sydney. Her main topics are themed cakes. She is married for Australian journalist Dave Reardon.


Not much is known about her gear and filming process, mostly because she focuses only on cakes and sweets. Bits and pieces we collected here were taken directly from her videos.


“How To Cook That” films her videos on a Panasonic GH5 camera. This camera can be seen in her “3D Camera Cake” video.


She stated couple of times that she has more than one lens. In one video Ann Reardon mentioned that she mostly uses Panasonic 12 – 35 mm F2.8 lens.


We couldn’t figure out what tripod that she uses.


We couldn’t figure out what mic does she has.

Computer and Editing Software

Ann Reardon uses Apple iMac computer. For editing videos she uses Adobe Premiere Pro.

YouTube Income and Net Worth

Her income comes from two stream. Her blog and her YouTube channel. She also has few sponsorship deals, for which we couldn’t find figure any details.

Social Blade estimate that she earns somewhere between $1.7K and $27.7K monthly from her YouTube channel.

We at EquipmentNerd estimate that she gets around $7k per month from YouTube and around $1200 from Adsense from her web blog.


Ann opened her blog back in 2011 after getting 3rd kid. In the beginning she thought of it as an interesting hobby, posting recipes once per week.

Eventually she began filming how to make those recipes, but since her videos were too big for her hosting, she uploaded clips to YouTube and embedded them on her site.

Popularity of the videos grew so her YouTube channel outgrow her web site eventually. Sometime in 2013, BBC contacted her to make a themed cake for 50 years of Doctor Who TV show, for which she made chocolate Dalek and which in turn get featured ion BBC and Variety magazine.

That same year she got sponsorship agreements with DECA, YouTube channel network and Breville who sponsored her with kitchen appliances.

Her subscriber number gets bigger each month. Currently she has 3.9 million of subscribers.

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