“You Suck at Cooking” is a Canadian YouTuber and a parody cooking channel. Nothing is known about his identity except that he is from Toronto, Canada and that his name is maybe, just maybe, Mel.


“You Suck at Cooking” uses very basic equipment, just the stuff needed to show of his idea.


Mel used iPhone 5S for filming videos. Eventually he moved to a iPhone X.

Microphone and Recorder

Mel uses Zoom H1 mic and recorder. He also has JK Mic-J 044 microphone.

Computer and Editing Software

From one of his Instagram photos we find out that he uses Apple Macbook Pro 15 and a Final Cut X Pro for video editing.

Income and Net Worth

SocialBlade estimate that he earns somewhere between $1.6K and $25.6K monthly. We estimate that Mel gets somewhere around $6k per month from YouTube.

Social Profiles