Hello random visitor. Here are few words from me, the author of this site, about purpose and nature of this site… My name is Oliver. I am coming from small Balkan country (I don’t want to disclose which one, for now, due the privacy reasons).

People consider me as an advanced Internet consumer and local tech geek. I enjoy reading computer and tech magazines and I am following many tech communities such as Reddit, Svet Kompjutera forum (oldest Balkan computer magazine), Deskthority and bug.hr forum.

I worked as a computer technician (repairing and assembling new computers) for over six years (2000-2006)

From personal side I am kind of nerd, geek or whatever you want to call it these days. I played various type of games but mostly strategies and first-person shooters, though I still play them, it’s not nearly close as I did it in the past.

I always had reasonable number of gadgets and I always followed technology advancements and trends (side effects of being trekkie and science fiction fan).

In recent years I started following many YouTubers from all kind of genres (gamers, food vloggers, asmrtists) and over time I started thinking to become influencer ourselve and while investigating niches and what other influencers do, I found new interests for me – I started collecting data about other influencers equipment and gear they use. Thus, this site was born.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email and I will try to respond as soon as possible.