Hiroyuki Terada is a Japanese chef and a YouTuber famous for his YouTube channel “Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef”. He was born on January 29, 1968 in Kochi, Japan. Currently he lives in Miamy, FL, USA.



In the beginning of his YouTube career Hiroyuki Terada used Sony DSC TX 9. They used to upload raw clips without any editing. After that he and his team moved Sony DSC RX100 M1 which eventually had malfunction. Most of his videos is recorded with this camera. After RX 100 he got Sony A6500 which is used on all of his recent clips.

When he doesn’t have camera on disposal, he uses iPhone 6s for recording in 4k.


Hiroyuki uses two lenses for his Sony A6500 camera: Sony E 18-105 mm f/4 and Sony 10-18 mm f4 lenses.


For recording sounds, Hiroyuki uses RODELink Filmmaker digital wireless system kit and RODELink Newshooter kit. He got the both kits from Rode as a gift.

He uses two mics. First one is Rode Reporter omnidirectional interview microphone and second one is lavalier Sony ECM CS3 microphone.

Computer and Storage

For editing and uploading videos Hiroyuki and his assistant use 15” Apple Macbook Pro. They also have WD Passport 4 TB external hard drive for storing video material.

Kitchen Equipment

Through his videos we can see lots of equipment he uses during making food. Here is the list of what we found…


Hiro has large collection of knives. On his YouTube channels he dedicated nice number of videos to his knifes and care of those.

He has the following Minonokuni knifes: Ume 1538 1800 mm Deba, Take 1582 1800 mm Kama-Usuba and Matsu 1573 210 mm Yanagi knife.

He has 3 Kikuichi knifes. Two are not anymore in production, while one Gyoto model is still available on Amazon. Gyoto was also prominent in lots of his videos before he moved to Minonokuni brand.

He sharpens his knives every night after the work.


Hiro uses one Masahiro whetstone grit #1000 which is available on Amazon and one Kikuichi 6000 grit whetstone which is only available via Kikuichi web site.

Income / Net Worth

His net worth is unknown; however, we can estimate that his YouTube channel gets at least $10k per month. We also think that most of his money income doesn’t come from YouTube.


Hiroyuki Terada is a Japanese chef and a YouTuber famous for his YouTube channel “Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef”. He was born on January 29, 1968 in Kochi, Japan. Currently he lives in Miamy, FL, USA.

Hiroyuki was born and grow up in Kochi, Japan. He learned basics of sushi from his fisherman father. While he was kid, they regularly went together to fishing and they were making sushi from caught fish.

After learning basics of cooking from his mother, he began to cook meals for his family.

In 1987 he finished high school and started attending RKC Chef’s School in Kochi. He went there for two years, gaining nickname “Samurai” because of his knife skills.

As soon as Terada graduated, he got a job in Yuzuan restaurant, Kochi and he worked there from 1989 till 1991. He worked there under master chef Kondo, who made him to wash rice 12 hours a day for first 6 months of his job in order to gain and master patience.

In those times Terada said that he questioned his decisions to take culinary road.

After some time, Hiroyuki Terada was promoted and his perfectionism gained him instant success. He quickly become Master Sushi Chef and earned license to serve Fugu to the public.

During his life he always planned to visit or live in USA and he found a way by putting himself in special immigration category of “Japanese Chef”.

Terada got the first job in “Japan Inn” in Washington DC. He learned English while working there but eventually moved to Florida due nicer weather. He got a job as assistant for Kevin Aoki, son of guy who founded Benihana in South Beach, Florida.

Almost 10 year after moving to Florida Hiroyuki again switched jobs, when he moved to help with opening of NoVe Kitchen and Bar. There he created unique sushi, served nowhere else.

Somewhere around that time he created his YouTube channel where he intended to show practical and easy Japanese cooking practices.

His YouTube channel quickly gained traction and over time attracted over 1.3 million subscribers. He collaborated on few occasions with Gordon Ramsey.

Hiro is single and does not have kids. He has a elder brother and a younger sister.

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